Where is LASCOs Headquarters?
Lasco Manufacturing Limited 27 Red Hills Road Kingston 10 Jamaica West Indies
Can you give me information about the company for a school project?
You can find information at our Research Centre
How can I obtain a Lasco product that I enjoyed in Jamaica, in another country?
Please see our Distributors listing.
Does Lasco have a corporate and community contribution involvement program?
Yes, we do. Find out all about our Social Responsibility programs.
I have an idea that I would like to share with your company, who can I talk to?
You may share your idea with our Marketing Department. Send an email to MarketingOffice@lascoja.com
Whom do I write about a product question or concern?
You may direct your concern or question to Marketingoffice@lascoja.com.
How can I find out about jobs at Lasco?
You may email your queries to HumanResource@lascoja.com
What are LASCOs main areas of activity?
LASCOs main areas of activity are food manufacturing.