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Our relationship with our stakeholders has been one built on mutual respect, trust and integrity. We are happy to keep you informed about the company’s activities.

In January 2016, we announced our entry into the ice cream market with our delicious frozen dessert product “Ice Dream”. Ice Cream will never be the same as our LASCO Ice Dream introduces the powdered version of the popular treat which enables all ice cream lovers to ‘Make it yourself’. The ice cream mix is as easy as 1…2… Freeze, the instructions as per sachet is: add water, mix and freeze! The frozen dessert is available in two popular flavours- Vanilla and Chocolate. Ice Dream in its powdered form sparks and stimulates creativity in the kitchen and can be used as a base for various flavours and dessert dishes. To date, the product has been receiving rave reviews from consumers.

LASCO Ice Dream adds to our extensive powdered product line which includes our mainstays of LASCO Food Drink and LASCO LaSoy. Almond Food Drink and Vanilla LaSoy has recently been introduced to these lines.

iCool is our breakthrough liquid beverage product that has dominated the market since its entry in 2014. Our consumers have even more to love as recently we launched two new flavours to our line – Apple and Grape, as well as making your favourite iCool juice drinks in a smaller 330ml size.

2017 promises to be a very exciting year for our company with much more in the pipeline to entice the Jamaican marketplace and subsequently all International markets!

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