Fort George REAPS it!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


In its first year of participating, Fort George Primary and Infant School has won the 2016-2017 iteration of LASCO Releaf Environmental Awareness Programme (REAP).

The St Ann-based school also copped the award for most trees planted in the competition year — 1,795 — and amassed a total of 137 points.

For its troubles, Fort George was awarded 10 computers and two round-trip tickets to the United States or Canada for the teachers, as well as $100,000 for its tree planting which it undertook on the compound as well as in neighbouring communities.

LASCO REAP is geared towards the development of environmentally conscious students through a year-long competition in which they are required to carry out physical conservation projects like planting trees, starting school gardens, and collecting and recycling plastic bottles. Students are also required to showcase their artistic talent with a focus on environmental conservation.

This year, the competition saw 124 schools participating, up from 50 when it started back in 2012. Founder and project director of LASCO REAP Stephen Newland believes the growth is synonymous with the increase in awareness around the issue of saving and preserving the environment and has plans to expand the programme.

“The REAP programme has focused on prep and primary students over the last five years. We intend to extend the reach of the programme by including churches and high schools in the coming years because the impact of human waste on the planet is so far-reaching,” said Newland.


Environment writer