Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


The LASCO Affinity Programme enables remittance customers who send and/or receive money through MoneyGram and collect in Jamaica at a LASCO location, to benefit from discounts or other promotional offerings once they present valid coupons at participating retail locations island-wide.

This programme is solely offered and administered by LASCO Financial Services and extends rewards coupons exclusively to MoneyGram customers who collect at LASCO. These are generated for each completed MoneyGram transaction sent from or received at a LASCO branch or agent. Coupons are displayed on the bottom of each printed transaction receipt.

This programme does not include or extend to other money transfer entities or to their branches, agents, locations, or partners, not affiliated with LASCO Financial Services Limited and not authorised by same to participate in this programme.


Applicable Use

Coupons displayed on the MoneyGram receipts of the LASCO Agents may only be redeemed once for the promotional offering (e.g. discounts) advertised on the specific coupon being redeemed.  Coupons are only valid at the specific location(s) indicated (as part of the specific reward being redeemed) as authorised by LASCO. Coupons are not redeemable at locations not indicated on the coupons being redeemed or at entities not authorised by LASCO  to participate in the LASCO Affinity Programme.

Coupons may be redeemed by the MoneyGram customers of LASCO or any other person authorised to use same by the customer. Original receipts must be displayed along with coupons in order to redeem the reward offered.

Where coupons are used by a participating entity to extend promotional offerings (e.g. discounts, sales, etc.) on specifically identified products/services, these coupons are not applicable for use in relation to other products/services offered by the said participating entity; or any other entity. Coupons and rewards are offered under this programme are not for sale or resale.


Programme Participants

Only LASCO branches of MoneyGram, LASCO agents of MoneyGram and third-party retail locations approved by LASCO may participate in this programme.

LASCO approves each agent or third-party location for participation in the programme, therefore not all locations belonging to a participating entity may necessarily be authorised to offer and/or redeem coupons and rewards under this programme, unless expressly stated on the coupon being redeemed.

Users are encouraged to check the approval of locations they intend to redeem promotional offers at before travelling to same.


Expiration of Coupons

Coupons and the promotional offerings displayed therein are valid for up to six (6) months after the transaction date printed on the corresponding receipt, unless otherwise stated on the coupon and so authorised by LASCO and the participating entity/entities extending each promotional offering.

Coupons should be checked before use for a unique expiry date, otherwise the default six (6) months expiry shall apply. Coupons are not useable or reusable after the  expiry date displayed on the coupon being redeemed.


Rights Reserved

LASCO, and where applicable entities participating in this programme, reserves the right to:

  1. a) Refuse to honour the redemption of any or all coupons displayed on receipts where it is determined that they have been tampered with, forged, defrauded, or any of the aforementioned terms have been violated or not complied with;
  2. b) Modify or withdraw this program, or any offering extended as part of same, at any time, without prior notice;
  3. c) Request the validation of the identity of each user redeeming rewards under this programme, i.e. any individual MoneyGram customer who collects at LASCO or any individual authorised by a LASCO customer to use his/her receipt;
  4. d) Rescind the approval of a branch, agent, agent location, third-party entity, or third-party location to participate in this programme, at any time, without notice.



LASCO nor MoneyGram does not accept liability for any loss, damage, or inconvenience experienced, in relation to this programme, as a result of:

  1. a) Any misinterpretation of messages communicated or the aforementioned terms;
  2. b) The actions (including refusal of service) of agents and/or third-party participants, and their staff, officers or partners.
  3. c) The modifications or withdrawal of this programme in full or in part;
  4. d) The removal of a branch, agent, agent location, third-party entity, or third-party location as a participating entity under this programme.