LASCO-MoneyGram Coupon Programme

Frequently Asked Questions


1). What is the LASCO-MoneyGram Coupon Programme?

  • This programme enables remittance customers who send or receive money at LASCO-MoneyGram agents to benefit from savings/discounts once they present coupons at participating retail locations island-wide.

2). How does the LASCO-MoneyGram Coupon Programme work?

  • Customer performs a MoneyGram transaction at a LASCO-MoneyGram location.
  • Customer will receive MoneyGram receipt with coupon which will enable them to redeem special offering from select retailer as per attached coupon.
  • Customer goes to participating retailer and presents LASCO receipt with coupon to cashier and takes advantage of saving/discount available.
  • Cashier will detach coupon and return receipt to customer.

3). Can I see coupon examples?

uniforms to go Indpendence City

4).What types of benefits do I receive as a customer?

  • Examples of benefits are below:
  • 10% off all Prescription Items at Christiana Pharmacy*
  • 10% off household items at Portmore Pines Pharmacy*
  • Free glass frame or eye test at City Optical, Lucea*
  • Up to 15% off on school uniforms at Uniforms To Go, Red Hills Road*
  • 10% off all back to School items at the Service Pharm, Down Town*

 Conditions Apply*

 5). Where can I redeem my coupons?

  • Examples of retailers where coupons can be redeemed include:
  • Uniforms to Go
  • Christiana Pharmacy
  • Portmore Pines Pharmacy
  • City Optical
  • Independence City Pharmacy
  • New Variety Drugstore
  • La Vega Pharmacy
  • Baby Bubbles & U
  • Lee’s Books & Things Limited

     (See addresses in appendix)

6). How long are the coupons valid?

  • Offer expiry date is specific to the retailer and location as seen on the coupon. Terms and conditions apply.

7). Do I have to be a LASCO-MoneyGram customer to benefit from these special offerings?

  • Yes, only LASCO-MoneyGram customers can reap the rewards of these benefits. If you pick up from another Remittance Agency or any other MoneyGram entity, you will not qualify for this programme benefit.

8) Can MoneyGram receipt (with attached coupon) be given to another person by   MoneyGram customer to redeem benefit?

  • Yes, this can be redeemed by someone else. However, once redeemed the coupon is not reusable.

9) Who do I contact or where can I go if I require further information?

  • If you require further information you may call LASCO Financial Services at 906-7473 or toll free at 1-888-(527-2274). Otherwise you can visit any of the following pages:


Example of coupon display at the bottom of MoneyGram receipt:


Listing of LASCO Agent locations across Jamaica:


Addresses for coupon redemption locations:

  • Uniforms to Go

40 ¾ Red Hills Road

Kingston 10

  1. Andrew

Tel: 648-6518

  • Christiana Pharmacy & Book Centre Limited

Main Street



Tel: 964-2424

  • Portmore Pines Pharmacy

Shop 19 Portmore Pines Plaza


St. Catherine

Tel: 740-5932

  • City Optical

Shop 18 Midtown Mall

Main Street, Lucea

Tel: 956-3885 

  • Independence City Pharmacy

Shop 1-4 Independence City Plaza

St. Catherine

Tel: 704-7738 

  • New Variety Drugstore

22 West Parade


Tel: 967-3811 

  • La Vega Pharmacy

Shop 9 St. Jago Plaza

Spanish Town

St. Catherine

Tel: 749-2488 

  • Baby Bubbles & U

Greater Portmore Shopping Centre


St. Catherine

Tel: 989-2448-9 

  • Lee’s Books & Things Limited

20 Main Street

St. Thomas

Tel: 734-7143