Randolph W. Burgess, BSc,

Information Technology Manager


Randolph, joined LASCO Financial in October 2016, bringing with him considerable years of experience in customer service, technology and project management. Randy has grown with the company and was appointed the Business Applications Manager in 2018. He has led various projects to improve our operational processes and information service platforms, particularly in our Finance, Compliance and Remittance departments. He is currently extending his skills to improving our newly formed loan management subsidiary LASCO Microfinance.

Randy is keen on using technology to advance organizational goals, and to transform information technology from a cost centre to a revenue generating business partner. He is customer focused and believes that all processes should reflect on a positive customer experience.

He holds a B.Sc. Political Science and Public Administration, from the University of the West Indies, and is currently reading for a Masters in Telecommunications Policy and Technology Management at the same institution.