Ramon Davis

Remittance Manager


In October 2008 Mr. Ramon Davis joined LASCO Financial Services Limited (LFSL); since then, he has given over eight years of dedicated service to the remittance industry. In October 2016 he was made head of the Remittance Division in the capacity of Remittance Manager.

Mr. Davis has managed to establish key relationships with the LASCO MoneyGram agent network and reorganised process flows fostering sustainable growth. This rapport with our growing network of sub-agents, allows LFSL to offer a range of services to a wider customer base, improve service delivery and promote agency loyalty. He has been a key player in several of the company’s most recent major process changes, including spearheading the implementation of a new remittance application process and the flow of information to over 100 agents across the island, thereby increasing efficiency.

He is a final year student pursuing a Bachelors of Business Administration in Finance and Economics at the University of Technology, Jamaica. Ramon is an ACCA Certified Accounting Technician. He is the secretary of the Jamaica Money Remitters Association and a member of the National Working Group on International Migration and Development.