Jacinth Hall-Tracey, BA (Hons.), MBA

Managing Director


Mrs. Jacinth Hall-Tracey has led the growth, expansion, and transformation of the LASCO Financial Services Group for over 16 years.  The company is a key industry player in the Remittance, Cambio and Micro loans industries and is now embarking on making a significant mark in electronic retail payment services, providing access to more financial services for the Company’s main customer base, the unbanked.

With over 30 years’ experience in leading teams including over 20 years developing companies in the financial services sector, Mrs. Hall-Tracey has acquired the insight and expertise to guide the strategic direction of the LASCO Financial Services Group. In her formative years, her management experience spanned the hotel industry and banking services to include securities trading.

Mrs. Hall-Tracey is the sitting President of the Jamaica Money Remitters Association, Past President of the Cambio Association of Jamaica and member of Jamaica Micro Financing Association (JaMFA) Limited.

She sits on the Boards of LASCO Distributors Limited, LASCO Manufacturing Limited, and LASCO Microfinance Limited.  She holds an MBA from Herriot Watt University, Edinburgh Business School.  She holds a certificate from the JSE E-Campus having completed the Director’s Strategic Guide to Corporate Governance and Leadership and in 2020 completed the Frankfurt Business School’s Certified Expert in Microfinance course and the Digital Shift Compliance Course from the Platinum Network.

Mrs. Hall-Tracey enjoys her role as CEO which requires her to be forward-thinking, to anticipate challenges, and to implement solutions and innovations for the LASCO Financial Services Group.   She along with her dynamic team are relentless in their pursuit of financial inclusion for the average Jamaican.