Denise E. West, BSc, LLB (Hons.), LEC

Attorney-At-Law / Group Chief Compliance Officer


Denise E. West BSc, LLB, LEC, the Group Chief Compliance Officer is an Attorney-at-Law by designation with a big personality and the expertise and refined professional skills to back it up. Her superior expertise in Customer Service, Legal and Regulatory Compliance affairs and its link to company operations, is the “sandbox” dynamic, which the company relies heavily on, to maintain its pristine image, its viability, competitiveness and of course its regulatory compliance.

As a longstanding Financial Industry Professional, her personal mantra is; “Compliance enables Reliance” which, in other words, is translated to “Compliance Facilitates Trust”. She also has a favorite professional phrase, which you often hear her uttering and that is “Clean profits.” These are two concepts which keep her grounded, in what can be described as a testy industry to be a leader in.

Denise and her team of dedicated experts and officers, have successfully positioned the LFSL Compliance Department as the conduit through which the operations must flow and by this she ensures that the LFSL Group operations are kept honest yet profitable.