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A subsidiary of LASCO Financial Services Ltd., a provider of personal, business, & SME loans in Jamaica.

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A provider of personal and business loans in Jamaica.


Head office located at 12 Duke Street, Kingston, and a network of 9 branches across the island.

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LASCO Microfinance Limited, a subsidiary of LASCO Financial Services Ltd., is a provider of personal, and business loans in Jamaica. With our head office located at 12 Duke Street, Kingston, and a network of 9 branches across the island, we are dedicated to serving our customers.

We are licensed by the Bank of Jamaica and report to EveryData and CRIF Credit Bureaus.

At LASCO Microfinance, we focus on serving the average Jamaican by offering a range of loan options.

Our personal loans cater to employed individuals who require additional funds for various purposes such as education expenses or home improvements. For micro, small, and medium-sized businesses, our business loans provide the necessary financing to expand operations in various ways.

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Locations & Contact Details

Interested in a Personal or Business Loan? For more information, suggestion or queries, contact us at microfincustomerservice@lascoja.com or visit any one of our branches below:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your opening hours?

Our opening hours are Mondays to Fridays from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

What are the interest rates on loans?

Our interest rate varies by type and duration. Call us at 876-948-1224 for more details. The effective annual interest rate (EAIR) reflects the actual interest rate to be paid on a loan when considering the effects of compounding and the interest charges and fees over the life of the loan. It is computed by expressing the dollar-value of interest charges and fees as a proportion of the loan principal as an annual percentage rate (APR) and then adjusting this rate for the effect of compounding.

Example: A 30-day loan has a stated interest charge of $2,800.00 and fees of $400.00 on a principal of $100,000.00 compounded monthly. Applying the formula:
Step 1: APR = ($2,800.00+$400.00)/$100,000.00)/30) x 365) = 0.3893
 Step 2: EAIR = ((1+0.3893/12) 12) - 1 =0.4668 or 46.68%.

What is the processing time for a loan?

If all documents have been provided a loan should be disbursed within 1-5 working days. *Conditions apply

Is there a processing fee for a loan?

Yes, there is a processing fee of 5.0% attached to every loan.

How do I collect my loan?

Loans are disbursed via bank transfer, cash at a Quik & EZ location, cheque or LASCO Gold Visa Prepaid Card (depending on client's situation and loan amount).

What are the payment methods available for the repayment of my loan?

  • Quik & Ez Bill Pay – Selected Prime Trust Locations across the Island
  • Salary
  • Deduction
  • Standing Order
  • RTGS - Transfers across Banks, from your bank account to ours.
  • CCP Bill Payment (Consolidated Cash Plan set-up for specific customer, call our Collections Department to get more information)
  • Payment Button – An online link which allows you to make payments online using a Debit or credit card. Link: https://www.fygaro.com/

What our customers are saying

Love the service

- Albert Huie

Good customer service

- Crystal Dahlia Henderson

I am okay with the service

- Melissa Clarke

It’s easy to access as long as you supply the documents needed. The only pay I don’t like is the amount of fees it comes with, but they work with you to see howvbest you can manage to repay the loan.

- Keisha Campbell

Service was tremendous. I didn't wait long.Staffs are very understanding and friendly. I would recommend this establishment to anyone who is interested.

- Alicia Irving

I was treated professionally. My Representative was great. I am pleased with the service. She communicated with me and was very patient even when I was getting impatient. Job well done. Thank you.

- Carline Marie Thompson

For a first-time loaner, I must say I was very impressed with the service, they treated me very well, and the loan officer is a very pleasant and professional at his work, I'd recommend anyone to the LASCO Microfinance. I'm well pleased with their service job well done.

- Nadine Stewart

I had a quick processing time

- Somora Natasha Wright

The process was very smooth, the representative Mr Paul Green was very respectful and professional, customer service was top tier. The interest was very manageable and even when you are late for a payment or missed one, the added interest was very manageable. I would definitely recommend doing business with them.Ps: only issued I had was a delay in disbursement

- Sherika Campbell

Great service

- Marisa Miller

Service is good

- Michael Soares

The service was great I would recommend any to use LASCO Microfinance services.

- Latoya Dennis

Hello I’m Paula My experience with Lasco Microfinance was ok I didn’t have any issue even though I was having some financial issues n then Baillif got involved but it was ok I would recommend LASCO Microfinance to anyone who needs a loan. My loan officer is really great very nice lady Mrs. Kelly Christian 👍

- Paula Smith

I'm very pleased with the service.

- Sharon Angela Brown

I was offered 2 loans from LASCO, I was pleased with the customer service, the speedy disbursement and professionalism from the staff. Commitment to repay loan and actually paying back and on time is Key. I will continue to adhere to regulations and look forward to doing business with you again. Thank you.

- Carline Marie Thompson

Agent was very assistive

- Marion Watts

Great staff. Good service and after service

- Vilmore Salmon

The Loan was quick and helpful. I would recommend any one to go for it thanks very much

- Diana Williams Beckford

Best customer service. Loan officer is one of the best as well. I would recommend customer to LASCO Microfinance to who want to apply for a loan.

- Tresann Johnson

Shanice Whyte and Ramoy Johnson were of great assistance. Shanice went beyond normal service. I really appreciate her. Her level of patience wow.

- Margaret Porter

Very good customer service on point

- Dominic Wilson

Process was seamless and very professional.

- Actavia Black

The service was great, I went to the branch at Duke Street and as I entered the building I was greeted by the security who asked me about the service that I will be doing for the day and directed me to the front desk where I was greeted by the ladies there. They assisted me from beginning to end. I’m a person that love to ask a lot of questions lol however they were very patient in explaining everything to the loan amount to be paid etc. everything to the “T”. Hugh shout to Taneika and Shanice for y’all great customer service keep up the great work!

- Shantea Smith

Thank to Miss Nures for time and service she take the time contact my HR just to ensure I get through with the loans thank to you guys keep up the good work

- Kemesha Thompson Gayle

LASCO Microfinance Limited has been the saving grace when I needed that stepping stone, didn't have any issue applying. My loan officer Jilliann Nurse is absolutely the best. Easy to talk to, Respectable, and always welcoming. This isn't my first time applying and I would recommend anyone on any date.

- Ann Marie Spence

Excellent service will definitely recommend to others. Duke Street Branch

- Artize Aransevia

I went to the Duke Street location to sign some documents and I was firstly greeted by the Security Officer who was wearing a pleasant smile and also assisted me to whom I need to speak to. The receptionist Taneika and Ms. Shanice has a welcoming personality not to mention my loan offer Chavel. I would recommend LASCO Microfinance Limited to anyone because of their good customer service and their turnaround time is amazing.

- Kissy-Ann Townsend

The service from the security was knowledgeable and efficient, as well as Ms. Donaldson and Taneika.

- Lorna Panton

The environment was clean and comfortable all the staff I came in contact with was pleasant from the security guard reminding me about the mass to the receptionist and my loan officer Rochelle. The service was informative and I’m appreciative. Thank you LASCO Microfinance, Duke Street branch.

- Constantine Hamilton

I was super please with my contact with Miss Vannessa Stewart of the Duke Street Branch. She is very professional and helpful with all request made of her. She is truly a gem and a positive beacon in your organization. I truly hope she is rewarded and recognized for the loyalty, and first class service she provides to clients of your company. In the same breath I would like to say a special thanks to Mr. Johnson of the loans department of Red Hills Road branch. He is also professional and impressive in the execution of his job. Both members have my highest commendation and appreciation.

- Kamoi Jackson

The service at Duke Street I Nichola can tell u it was truly amazing the loan officer Andre Green, Taneika and security. I could say a lot more but Thanks a lot

- Nichola Jennings

Rushell Allen from the downtown Kingston branch, was very professional in every interaction and really did her best on coaching me to close my loan and make my required payments. It was the best experience I've had since doing business with this company. I will return for business, just because of her soft skills and helpfulness.

- Natakai Beevas

Ms Williams and Ms. Micheal treated me extremely well at the May Pen branch. Ms. Williams explained the entire process to very detailed

- Dennis Skeel

I think it is a good service and more convenient to the customer

- Ivanhoe Omeally

Miss Williams from the May Pen Branch. The response was done quickly as it relates to loan approval and disbursement.

- Fara Fenton

Customer service at LASCO Microfinance is always pleasing to me as a customer at the Duke Street branch. My favorite receptionist is Taneika who break down everything until I understand, the security is always at his desk and operating the door upon my arrival and Rochelle Morrison always respond to my calls and text messages, so the Duke Street institution is completely operating business the right way for me I am please!!

- Benton Richards

My loan officer Rochelle Morris was Very direct straight forward and professional genuine and kind and the receptionist was professional as well at the Duke Street branch.

- Renardo Walker

It was a great pleasure doing business with Mr. Ramoy Johnson and Miss Shantel Higgins of Lasco Micro Finance LTD at 38 1/2 Red Hills Rd, Kingston 10. I was well taken care of; I applaud them both for their excellent service and their professionalism. Thanks to both of them.

- Natalee Sherwood

The receptionist was professional, received loans on time, the loan officer (Rochelle Morris) provided excellent service, process was flawless. I must say The Duke Street Branch are welcoming, professional and friend

- Dornett White

Miss Senior was a very good loan officer...the security was good also...Taneika customer service was very great, need more people like her at the front desk...was very pleased with all my loans I have gotten here...keep up the good work!

- Sonnel Kelly

Service was excellent by Ms. Josephs and Ms. Harrison, and Ms. Stennett. I love them all and am looking forward to a good relationship with them. Wonderful team.

- Tamara Kerr

The loan application process was easy. Service from Rochelle was good, and she was always accessible Receptionist Taneika was pleasant and courteous. Proud of Miss Francis and her team. She also came out to see if I was okay / being attended to. All in all, I am quite satisfied and will refer LASMF Duke Street to colleagues and family. Only one bad thing/ challenge - the parking

- Diane Thompson Clarke

My receptionist Taneika at Duke Street is very gentle, and she is patient, has a nice smile and she welcomes me, I feel comfortable with her, she’s now my business friend. Thanks

- Charmaine Stewart

To be honest the security was alert, Taneika was professional at her desk the service at Lasco Microfinance was excellent well done also Shanice was great well done

- Omar Reid

You guys are doing an excellent job, I personally don’t see any problems and I Rohan Peart was satisfied with your service. Ms. Taneika was very pleasant, and she was also helpful with the information she had provided so well done Lasco Finance Team and the security was strict about having a mask. It was a pleasure doing business with the company keep up the good work TEAM

- Rohan Peart

YI loved the service because Taneika and the security made me feel welcome, no issue no faults

- Charmaine Stewart

The security was okay no issue with customer service From Taneika and Disbursement Officer at Duke Street it was great

- Sandra Thomas

Customer service was great, Taneika and Shanice did their best to assist me and were patient and mannerable in their field of work, service like that leaves me comfortable and wanting more. The security was pleasant too.

- Ryan Jefferson

Comfortable treatment by the security, Taneika was so nice to me sorry I had to go leave her, I plan to do another business with you guys as soon as January, I will try to seek another loan from the company. Thanks much for your help, you have done a lot for me.

- Courtney Woodhouse

Thank you for your good service I really like it a lot from Rohan your value customer at Duke Street from Taneika, cool security

- Rohan Birch

My service here was quick and professional by Ms. Taneika George and Mr. Brown. The entrance to the exit will surely be recommended to others.

- Shadday Green-Daley

The agent that assisted me (Andre) was very helpful. Upon arrival at the Duke Street branch the staff were very courteous and helpful. The security guard was kind and polite. The receptionist Taneika was friendly and welcoming. The office was clean, fresh and well put together. It was a great experience.

- Sharia Golding

Thanks, you Taneika George and Rochelle for your good customer service a special big up to my loan office Dina Donaldson you guys are the best🥰🥰

- Shanae Watson

Got loan detail from loan customer service rep Taneika, and great loan officer, great customer service

- Sylbert Jennings

The customer service representative and the security were magnificent

- Mellonie Huntley

This is one of the best customer services I had in a while and keep up the good work and I will come back again so thanks to Ms Taneika George again appreciate this customer service

- Steve Downer

Ms Kenisha Joseph's gave great and exceptional service. She is well professional, and I will not hesitate to do business with this company because of her. Tricia Harrisson always delivers great service.

- Andre Reid

Customer service was excellent. The loan officer was very helpful and friendly. I would recommend others.

- Gloria Russell

Great customer service agents are well mannered and more detailed. Thumbs up😊

- Rashida Hill

Ms. Harrison was a very prompt and reliable person. Great customer service. I really appreciate her assistant. Thank you.

- Kelesha Ferguson

Shanice white is very professional and Ramon Johnson from the red hills road branch, though I had to wait a bit they were very welcoming and warm, process was smooth please give those 2 agents a big thank you for me

- Shaneice Mussington

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