LASCO Money CSEC scholarships give students hope for a brighter future

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Lasco Financial Services Limited (LFSL) through its consumer-facing brand Lasco Money and MoneyGram; continued its thrust to empower aspiring students to achieve academic success through the provision of scholarships, to cover fees associated with the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) Examinations.

Twenty students across ten schools received scholarships valued at $30,000 each. Recipient schools included: Merl Grove High School; Papine High School; Calabar High School; Ocho Rios High School; Dinthill High School; Titchfield High School; Cornwall College; Paul Bogle High School; Seaforth High School and Glenmuir High School.

“Here at Lasco Money, we are proud of the work we have been doing to effect positive change and build confidence in our young scholars, whether they are at the primary, secondary or tertiary levels. These promising boys and girls have shown their potential and we see it necessary to reward them in whatever way we can for their persistence to do well in school despite their circumstances” explained Danielle Harris-Drysdale, marketing manager at Lasco Financial Services Limited.

Each scholar was selected after displaying remarkable academic achievement; good behaviour; punctuality; extra-curricular participation and community service.

During a recent handover session at the Seaforth High School, a jubilant scholarship recipient, Tanikalee Harrison noted, “I was relieved to receive this scholarship from Lasco Money and MoneyGram. It has given me even more motivation to keep going and realize my dream of becoming a civil servant. It’s a great feeling to know that my hours spent studying and being active in my school are being recognized.”

The Lasco Money CSEC Scholarships will cover subject areas relevant to the financial industry to include: Principles of Business, Principles of Accounts, Information Technology, Economics and French or Spanish.

External Examinations Coordinator at Seaforth High School, Damian Taylor stated “The students here in the rural area have such great potential. It lifts the spirit to see Lasco Money and MoneyGram serving the students in such an impactful way. We’ve seen how financial hardships faced by parents can really affect the confidence in students. The help from both entities will go a long way in boosting the students which will, in turn, keep them focused on their academic goals.”

Lasco Money’s longstanding relationship with MoneyGram is at the core of the annual CSEC Scholarships. As the largest MoneyGram agent in the island, with over 140 locations, Lasco Money and MoneyGram have been partnering for the past four years to assist in easing the financial burdens on parents.