One Card,
Limitless Possibilities!
  • No bank account required.
  • No POS transaction fees.
  • Receive remittance direct to card anytime, 24/7.
  • Use In-store or Online.
  • Use anywhere VISA is accepted locally and globally.
  • Supported by VISA's 3D Security to enhance financial protection for online transactions.

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Card Features, Benefits & Uses

Make purchases or pay bills locally (swipe, chip, tap and go), overseas, online, or anywhere Visa cards are accepted.
Make transfers anytime, anywhere to other LASCO GOLD Visa cardholders.
ADD FUNDS Load your card at participating LASCO Money agent locations island-wide or on the go via our “Load Card” button on the website or a bank transfer from your bank account. Learn More
Receive money transfers/remittances direct to your card using approved Visa Online Partners and LASCO Money SKIP DI LINE. Learn More
Some point-of-sale machines will treat the card either as DEBIT or CREDIT. Some machines will allow TAP & GO, SWIPE, or CHIP insert. All options are acceptable, and the purchase will be a debit transaction and requires sufficient funds to be in your account.
For these transactions, card expiry date and, the Cardholder Verification Value (CVV) at the back of the card may be required. The merchants usually provide an online payment form to be completed and submitted.
LASCO GOLD Visa Prepaid Card is accepted at all ATMs that display the VISA logo.

Receive & Send Money with Visa Online Partners.


How can I receive Money from overseas an approved Visa Online Partner?
Step 1: Get/Apply for your LASCO GOLD Visa Prepaid Card.
Step 2: Tell your loved one(s) to send money using an eligible Visa Online Partner.
Step 3: Share your card details with your loved one(s) for them to complete the transaction.


How do I send Money with Visa Online Partners to Jamaica? Step 1: Tell your loved one(s) to:
  • Sign up for a LASCO GOLD Visa Prepaid Card.
  • Share their card details to complete the transaction.
Step 2: Send with an eligible Visa Online Partner. Learn more
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Create an account and sign up for LASCO GOLD Visa Prepaid Card with the instructions given.

Card Registration

There are 3 ways to register for a LASCO GOLD card:

  1. LASCO Money Agents: Visit our 3 LASCO Money Stores and any of our 70+ participating agent locations island-wide to register. Valid ID & TRN required.
  1. Website: Click GET A CARD and follow the steps. Valid ID, TRN and Proof of address required.(Android and Apple iOS devices).
  1. Mobile App: Download the LASCO GOLD app in the Google Play store, select Get Enrolled, click Order Card & follow the steps to register. (Android devices only).

How to Load your LASCO GOLD Card

  1. Online: Load your card by using our “LOAD CARD” button on the website and follow the simple steps.
  2. LASCO Money Agents: Visit any of our 70+ participating agent locations with the cash and it will be added to the card.
  3. Direct-to-card: Receive remittance direct to your LASCO GOLD Visa Prepaid card any time of day, 24/7 when loved ones send online using a Visa Online Partners: MoneyGram, Boss Money, Remitly and more.
  4. Card-to-card Transfer: Receive funds from other LASCO GOLD Visa Prepaid cardholders.
  5. Bank Transfer: Send an online transfer to LFSL, and we will load the funds to the card.