Festival Queen Launches Environmentally Friendly EcoMoney National Project

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Miss Jamaica Festival Queen 2018, Ackera Gowie, has shown that she is not just Most Culturally Aware, but also environmentally aware with the launch of her national project EcoMoneyat the St Mary High School, earlier this month.

Aimed at pulling communities together across Jamaica in an effort to both preserve the environment while increasing youth-based economic development,

EcoMoneyis designed to turn non-biodegradable waste into profit through up-cycling, also known as creative reuse. In this process, useless or otherwise unwanted products are transformed into new products of better environmental value.

“We are now transitioning from a linear economy to a circular economy, circular meaning we reduce waste and make the most of resources,” Gowie said while giving the project overview at the EcoMoneylaunch.

“The overall mission of EcoMoney is to create partnerships between the private and public sector to engage communities and allow each citizen to play their part in the welfare of the whole human race,” she continued.

Gowie, also highlighted the importance of launching her national project out of her home parish of St. Mary, stating:

“A St Mary Mi Come from is one my favourite phrases! I am so proud of my parish and my roots so it was important to launch EcoMoney here to show all the talent and potential St Mary’s youth have to offer as we lead the rest of the island on this eco-journey.”

Hosted at the auditorium of Gowie’s alma mater, the St. Mary High School, the launch of EcoMoney saw support from Member of Parliament for South East St Mary, Dr Norman Dunn, as well as the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA), the St Mary chapter of the Jamaica 4-H Clubs and upcoming Jamaican recycling company, 360 Recycle.

The EcoMoney national project is sponsored by the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA), Lasco Money, Excelsior, Digicel Foundation and Popeyes.


Credit: Jamaica Gleaner