FAQS – Motor Cycle Loan

  1. What is the LASCO Financial Services bike loan?
    • The bike loan is our latest loan offering specifically designed for the purpose of purchasing new motorcycles.


  1. Are there specific bikes that you lend for?
    • The preferred bikes are Yamaha and Honda. 
  1. Where are the bikes available?
    • We lend for brand new motor cycles being purchased through either of our partners: ‘Stewart’s Auto Sales (49-51 South Camp Road) and ‘Kingston Industrial Garage (381 Spanish Town Road, Kgn 11) 
  1. Who is the bike loan for?
    • The bike loan is geared towards employed bearers, recreational users, and small/medium sized enterprises that utilize bikes such as distribution companies, restaurants, security companies, couriers, etc. 
  1. How do I qualify for a bike loan?
    • You need to be employed for atleast one (1) year
    • Must be able to repay the loan via salary deduction or direct debit
    • Come in and speak to us directly for other ways to qualify


  1. What if I am self-employed?
    • You will need to provide copies of your contracts and bank statement(s).


  1. What would I need if I am buying a fleet as a company?
    • Supply us with your financial statements.


  1. What are the estimated costs for the bikes supplied by KIG?
    • FZ16 = JMD $375,000
    • YBR125G = JMD $295,000
    • YBR125 = JMD $290,000 
  1. What is the lowest repayment amount monthly for the KIG bikes?
    • As low as $11,375.00 re the FZ16 for companies or $14,480 for individuals
    • As low as $9,183.33 re the YBR125 or $11,198 for individuals
    • As low as $11,198 for individuals re the YBR125G


  1. What are the estimated costs for the bikes supplied by Stewarts?
    • 2014 Honda CBX-250 Twister Motorcycle = JMD $570,000
    • 2015 Honda CBF – 150 Invicta = JMD $300,000


  1. What is the lowest repayment amount monthly for the Stewarts bikes?
    • As low as $16,245.00 re the 2014 Honda CBX-250 Twister Motorcycle or $22,009 for individuals.
    • As low as $8,550.00 for the 2015 Honda CBF – 150 Invicta or $11,584 for individuals


  1. Does your loan cover the full cost of the motor cycle?
    • We finance up to 90% of the total cost.


  1. Does LASCO assist with insurance of the motor cycle?
    • Yes we provide a separate loan to finance your comprehensive insurance amount (provided only through BCIC)                         
  1. Are there any opportunities for discounts when I do this loan with you?
    • We may facilitate discounts on tracking systems from select supplier ‘Hawkeye’ 
  1. Where is the office that processes and facilitates the loan?
    • Loans are processed at our head office on 29 Red Hills Road, Kingston 10.


  1. What are the requirements?
    • Job letter from your company
    • Last three (3) month’s pay slip
    • 1 passport size picture
    • A valid ID (Voter’s ID, passport, Driver’s Licence)
    • Proof of address
    • Pro-forma invoice
    • Comprehensive insurance quotation
    • Bill of sale
    • C87 (import entry document) 
  1. What is the maximum amount I can borrow?
    • As an individual you may borrow up to 1.6 million.
    • Companies may borrow up to 5 million (for fleet)


  1. How long will I get to repay?
    • Thirty-six (36) months or three (3) years for individuals
    • Forty-eight (48) months or four (4) years companies



  1. How long does the loan take to process?
    • Under normal circumstances, about 3 days for approval.



  1. Are there any fees involved in the process?
    • There are small charges for processing & commitment fees. .
  1. What other loans do you offer?
    • Personal
    • Education
    • Car
    • Debt Consolidation
    • Gov Plus for Government workers. 
  1. How can I get more information about Lasco Financial Services?
    • You may call us toll free at 1-888-LAS-CASH (526-2274) or 1-618-LASF (5273)