Education Loan

General Requirements
  • Must be permanently employed for at least one (1) year (must not be on probation).
  • Must be able to repay loan by either salary deduction or direct debit.
  • Must have good credit history or be a person with integrity.
  • Job letter stating salary, position & length of employment.
  • Last three (3) month’s pay slips.
  • Credit Reference.
  • Character reference from a high-ranking police office or Justice of the Peace.
  • A valid ID (Nat., Driver’s License, Passport).
  • One (1) passport size picture.
  • Your TRN card.
  • Proof of address (current utility bill etc).

Would you like an Education Loan?

Ensure you are making the right choice for realizing yours and your family’s educational goals with our secured Education Loan.

• Financing available up to $1.2 million
• Loan period up to seven (7) years depending on the collateral offered
• Can be accessed by a parent on behalf of a child
• Approval can be granted for the total amount required for tuition fee/books and disbursed in tranches to the institution

• Refer to the general requirements
• Evidence of collateral being offered as security (motor car, on life insurance policy, savings or investment)
• Proof of purpose such as acceptance letter or bank payment voucher from an institution

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