LASCO's Commitment to Employees

The LASCO story of success continues to be written based on the valued contributions of its highly dedicated team. Attracting some of the best and brightest talent, LASCO maintains a work environment in which the personal dignity of the individual is respected. The company also promotes the utilization of the experience, skill and initiative of all employees to improve the operational and commercial success of the company. LASCO is sensitive and alert to the attitudes and views of all employees, while providing opportunities for personal development and advancement, to all employees with the requisite ability and ambition. The company remains committed to ensuring that our team members are highly valued and respected, while given the context and resources to experience growth, towards the achievement of personal and team satisfaction.

LASCO’s Philosophy and Values

LASCO recognizes that the strongest asset of the organization is its Human Resources. Our commitment to employees is driven by the philosophy and values that the company seeks to promote: Professional Competence We seek to attract, develop and motivate people who demonstrate professional competence; that is the knowledge, skills, ability and attitude to add value to the organization.

Respect for the Individual

The company has an environment within which employees can pursue their various tasks with a sense of pride, dignity and self-worth. We strive to be balanced in all our decisions involving people. Favouritism, bias and prejudice are an alien culture within our organization.

Continuous Improvement & Innovation

Through continuous learning, organizational improvement and innovation we keep pace with the changing business environment.


LASCO drives profitability through innovation, efficiency and the delivery of quality customer service, in order to maximize value to all our stakeholders.

Business and Personal Ethics

We believe business and personal ethics are values that cannot be compromised and so must be the foundation on which we build our internal and external relationships.

Safety at the Workplace

The safety and well-being of our employees is certainly one of the company’s utmost priorities.

Social and Environmental Consciousness

We strive to promote a sustainable environment and social peace in all the communities where we do business.

Primacy of the Customer

We require that the entire organization be continuously customer oriented. The future success depends on us meeting our customer’s needs better than the competition.


We strive to make quality the platform for all products and services offered.