CaribShopper – FAQS



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is CaribShopper?
  • CaribShopper is the Caribbean’s premiere complete e-commerce shopping solution. Its shopping app allows users to shop using their local address from over 100 US online stores (e.g. Amazon & eBay) with guaranteed delivery to their door via DHL. Customers may make purchases through CaribShopper using their credit/debit card, CaribShopper webcard or CaribShopper Online Shopping Credit.
  1. How fast is Caribshopper’s delivery?
  • Shoppers can expect delivery of their packages within 7-10 working days.
  1. Why should persons choose CaribShopper over its competitors?
  • Users are afforded the convenience of shopping from their favourite online stores without the hassle of leaving their home/work to pick-up their packages in crowded collection locations. Packages are delivered straight to the user’s door!
  • CaribShopper’s online platform allows shoppers to know the full and exact landed fees associated with their packages (such as a duty) at checkout instead of the typical estimate other entities provide.
  • CaribShopper offers the only Caribbean online platform allowing users to make online purchases with financed shopping credit.
  1. What is ‘CaribShopper Online Shopping Credit’?
    • This is a financing solution (powered by LASCO Financial Services) which allows users to fund their CaribShopper account with up to US$500 which can be used to shop online, on demand, any time, with just the click of a button at checkout.
  1. How much Shopping Credit can I access?
  • Users can apply for Shopping Credit from as low as $150USD to as much as $500USD. These funds are approved based on the user’s capacity to repay. Users get up to six months to repay.
  1. How will I receive my Shopping Credit?
  • Once approved, your Shopping Credit is applied directly to your CaribShopper account which you can use any time, on demand, to shop from CaribShopper’s ever-growing list of online stores.
  1. Where can I get further details?
    • For more information, you can reach us at: