About Us


LASCO Money is a leading provider of retail financial services founded by Lascelles Chin, who is recognized by Jamaicans as an outstanding business leader, exporter and philanthropist. LASCO Financial Services (LFSL) which has provided over 10 years of exceptional service to the Jamaican people, operates a cambio and remittance service licenced by the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ. The company holds the unrivalled position of number one agent for MoneyGram International in Jamaica, and also in Barbados through its subsidiary, LASCO Financial Services Barbados Limited (LFSBL). LFSL has been listed on the Jamaica Junior Stock Exchange since 2010, attesting to the tremendous strength and continued growth of the company.


To provide quality products & services to our customers, ensure profitability and promote employee development. Being the best, always.

LFSL’s primary business objective is to provide its customers with a trustworthy network of financial service providers and branches, enabling them to conduct money transfer, money exchange, pay bills, and access loans conveniently. In an effort to fulfil its mandate, LFSL has developed and adhered to a comprehensive business strategy which drives sustainable value for all its customers.


The core business offering is Money Transfer through MoneyGram, which ranks among the top providers of Money Transfer services worldwide. This premium service is offered through LFSL’s agents islandwide.  Other value added services offered through its agents are: phone top ups, bill payments.


LASCO Money provides Money Transfer service through two of its own branches located in Kingston, and through an ever expanding network of over 120 sub-agents island-wide.  The company’s diverse array of sub-agents includes credit unions, cambios, supermarkets, small financial services, hardwares, pharmacies, and haberdasheries throughout all parishes, with Kingston having the largest number of locations. All sub-agents are licenced by the BOJ and performing money transfers for MoneyGram through LFSL.


LFSL operates six (6) Cambios, all licensed by the BOJ; three in Kingston and one each in Ocho Rios, Port Antonio and Montego Bay.

Our Locations

» RED HILLS ROAD   | MoneyGram, Loans, FX Cash, Bill Payments

» PAPINE                | MoneyGram, FX cash, Bill Payments

» DUHANEY PARK    | MoneyGram, FX cash, Bill Payments

» OCHO RIOS         | MoneyGram, FX cash, Bill Payments

» PORT ANTONIO    | MoneyGram, FX cash

» MONTEGO BAY   | MoneyGram, Loans, FX cash

LASCO Money cambios offer convenient walk-in foreign exchange services in five denominations: USD, KYD, GBP, CAD and EURO. They also supply foreign currency to businesses that require daily and weekly foreign currency to pay their suppliers. LFSL Cambios offer the added convenience of bill payments and phone card top-ups. The Red Hills branch now provides the latest and most innovative convenience: the only drive-through cambio in Jamaica, where customers can conduct business from the privacy of their vehicles.


LASCO Money’s loans division offers flexible personal, motor vehicle, motor bikes, education, and debt consolidation loans. LFSL believes in the potential of the Jamaican people, and focuses its loan offerings on empowering ordinary Jamaicans to create wealth for themselves and their loved ones. LFSL loans are, therefore, customised to align with the unique characteristics of its clients’ lives.

At the core of LASCO Money is the unwavering commitment to making the lives of Jamaicans, and the very fabric of Jamaican society, better every day.