Peter Chin

Peter Chin

Mr. Peter Chin

Managing Director

Mr. Peter Chin was appointed Managing Director of LASCO Distributors Limited since November, 2011. Mr. Chin has over 20 years’ experience in the distribution industry and has held several senior management positions at LASCO Distributors Limited. Some of the positions held include Logistics Manager with responsibility for distribution and procurement, Marketing Manager and General Manager for the Consumer Division. 

Mr. Chin has gained wide experience in various functional areas such as logistics, procurement, sales, marketing, operations and new product development. Over the years he has developed a reputation for strong people-management skills and sound leadership. Mr. Chin’s performance in these key areas of the business prepared him for the top managerial position which he now holds. 

Mr. Chin has managed the oversight of several mission-critical projects, leading the modernization of the distribution center infrastructure and heading the steering committee that implemented the system-wide ERP network software now in place at the Company. Currently, Mr. Chin also serves on the Board of Directors for LASCO Financial Services Limited and LASCO Manufacturing Limited.

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