Lester Spaulding

J.A. Lester Spaulding

Mr. J.A. Lester Spaulding, C.D., J.P.

Non-Executive Director and Mentor of the Board

Mr. Spaulding is a Non-Executive Director of the Company and its Mentor for the purposes of the Rules of the Jamaica Stock Exchange Junior Market. As Mentor, he is responsible for advising the Board on the implementation of adequate procedures, systems and controls, corporate governance, financial reporting and the release of timely information to the market. 

Mr. Spaulding is the Chairman of the Board’s Audit and Compliance Committee and a member of the Compensation Committee. These Committees are required by the Junior Market Rules for the purposes of good governance. 

Mr. Spaulding has been the Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of the RJR Communications Group since 2008. He began with RJR in 1965, and rose from accountant to the position of Managing Director in 1978 and Managing Director/Chairman in 1994. Mr. Spaulding was responsible for guiding the Company operationally as its CEO for 30 years up to 2008. This includes listing the parent Company Radio Jamaica Limited on the Jamaica Stock Exchange after a successful IPO in September 1991. He has led the Company through many other successful reorganizations and expansion projects during his 50 years in the company.

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